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Support For Sony MVC Codec in HDR-TD10

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  • Support For Sony MVC Codec in HDR-TD10

    Can anyone tell me if Edius 6.03 (the latest version?) supports ingesting footage from Sony's HDR-TD10 3D camcorder? This camcorder uses the MVC format to support full 1080p 3D.

    Thank you in advance for responding.


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    EDIUS does not do 3D, so I doubt it. I would suggest trying CineForm's 3D conversion stuff. I have used this in conjunction with EDIUS for 3D and it seems to work pretty well. I have not tried MVC with Cineform (I have used footage from the Panasonic 3D camera) but assume it does it as it does everything else.
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      EDIUS does do 3d.
      The MVC contains 2 AVCHD streams.
      These can be "extracted" by supplied software from camera manufacturers in a right and left . This can be edited in EDIUS . There is an app note available. Many have used it.

      3D appnote:

      3D wedding edited in EDIUS

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        Better MVC to AVI conversion

        Use Peter Wimmer's MVC to AVI converter. It takes MVC file and splits it into 2 AVI's one left and one Right.
        It works great!

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          Changes in Edius 6

          OK, valiant amateur here. I have read the posts and the app note, downloaded the third party MVC to AVI converter, and am finally looking at a side by side version of the footage from my new Sony HDR-TD10....

          The app note refers to Edius 5 but I upgraded to 6, assuming that this would give me access to the latest toys. The side_by_side preset can be created, but the tool is now called Layouter. I found that making the anchor x=-50% for the left view actually moved it to the right. I am assuming at this point that left does go on the left side of the screen? Whatever the comments about DIY presets, the app note does show nice icons for the prests on the effects list.

          I accept that Edius does not claim to do 3D yet but hope it is on its way. Is it for instance not yet possible to bundle the two AVI tracks back together as an MTS file rather than side_by_side, in order to display in full HD?


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            If this is MVC format (same as on BD) it's not 2x independent (full information) streams. Main stream (left eye) is a full stream and right eye contains only difference between L and R. Right stream can't be re-created/decoded without left. By itself right stream is useless and contains some "difference" data.

            This technique allows to save up to 50% of data (on 2nd stream). In reality it's about 20-40%, depending on content nature.
            Once it's decode you have 2 full information streams L+R and you can treat them as you like. There are not many MVC decoders out there.