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HDV capture problem

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  • HDV capture problem

    I got my hands on a HDV cam to test it out as well as capturing/editing in Edius. Problem is: I can't seem to get it to capture HDV (downconverted is no problem). I have Edius 3.5 and an Edius NX card,, but no expansion card. In the manual somewhere it says that some HDV options will be missing if I don't have the expansion kit. That doesn't seem right - shouldn't I still be able to capture and edit with what I have..? I know there are many who are editing with Edius alone and not using the NX at all.

    What are the settings I should be using to capture - using the HQ codec?


    Lee Thomas

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    Without the HD Expansion, you need to use a separate OHCI-compliant FireWire card to capture HDV, because the NX board's DV port isn't OHCI-compliant (without the HD Expansion).