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  • Edius Trial Rendering help

    Hi guys, I've just bought this software! Got to learn to use it so need a bit of help. I'm using the 4.51 trial until my proper version arrives Thursday.

    I've created a clip and added some extra sound clips. Plays nicely in the right hand window once I've rendered it. It stops playing the raw clip because it's a 3.5GB clip...produced after a FXHOME effect was added.

    When I render the sequence I use Canopus HQ Avi. The resulting video is very poor in quality. Can anoyne help? It's a 1440x1080 25p clip that I've captured from my Canon HV20 and it looks great until I render it.

    Is there a limitation on the rendering quality in the trial version? Or am I doing something obviously wrong?

    Hope someone can help! Looking forward to getting my full version.



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    There's no quality limitation on the demo - the functionality is exactly what you'll get when you get your real version.

    So the question at hand is... What project setting are you using? Project setting determines everything - frame resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio channels...

    and of course if you haven't seen it already


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      Hi, thanks for the reply. It's a 1440x1080 project. I have to admit it might be the trial version of Fxhome VisionLab that's exporting to a lower rez. The capture is captured in Edius and looks very clean and sharp. Somewhere I'm losing it.

      I've commited to Edius 4 now and it's arriving Thursday. So I guess I'll try that. It just concerned me that the Print to File ended up looking very compressed even using the HQ AVI codec. Which I've seen is usually brilliant!

      Great tutorial site, will definately look there tomorrow!




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        Pardon my ignorance - does FXHome Vision Lab feature an EDIUS plug-in?


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          Also keep in mind that not every version of FXHome supports HD.
          I don't think there is a pluging for EDIUS.
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