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Filming a LCD videowall without artifacts...

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  • Filming a LCD videowall without artifacts...


    Had a job a couple of weeks ago filming a Musical.

    On arrival we found out that the normal props were replaced with a LCD videowall filling out the entire stage. Quite empressive, but we didn´t have time to get the right shutter speed(frequency) for the wall...

    So especially on the closeup cameras we experience all kind of artifacts from the LCD wall..

    So... Is there any way to reduce flicker, moire etc. afterwards without having to blur the he.. out of the footage?

    All ideas are welcome...

    Commercial Producer/Director
    HDSpark/Edius 6.03
    Adobe Production Package Premium CS5.5

    QuadCore 9660 4*3GHz(ASUS P5Q Deluxe), 16 Gb ram,nvidia GTX 285 1 Gb RAM- Laptop i7 GHz, 8 Gb ram - nvidia GTX440M 1,5 Gb ram :) All Intel-based

    Panasonic HPX500E P2HD, JVC HD-110E/JVC HD-200/JVC BR50 and lots of other fun stuff :)