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720p 30fps for PAL DVD

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  • 720p 30fps for PAL DVD

    A neighbour has just come back from Disneyland and asked if I could make a DVD from their SD Card. No problem I thought, I frequently get cards to make DVD's from but this one contained 720p @ 30fps. Sigh!!

    A dilemma. This is PAL land. The progressive footage with amateur snaking camera movement looks naff anyway.

    Any suggestions?

    The obvious one is simply downscale and make a NTSC DVD (that will play here in the UK) but I'm not really sure of the best way to deal with the progressive issue and getting it to interlaced DVD. Gut feeling is to make the DVD in normal field order.

    It gets's not for money!!


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    Most software will do frameblending only when converting to PAL!
    Proper NTSC->PAL conversion with motion compensation is much expensive or a little bit complicated!

    If a good conversion is really needed I would do this with AVISynth!
    If not make just an NTSC DVD, which is the best way from my view!
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      Hi DD.

      Like Andreas has said, you are best off making an NTSC dvd. You will never get anything like the quality you would ideally want by using anything other than a proper standards converter.

      I can't remember the last time I came across a DVD TV setup that could not play region 0 NTSC in PAL land.




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        Thank you both for your advice.
        As I had eluded to, it seemed that keeping the footage at 30 was going
        to be the only way. My main query was dealing with Progressive footage when it is going to DVD. In the past all P footage I have handled previously was going to the web so was never an issue.

        I am bemused by these domestic cameras that do the punters no favours not to mention the fact that the punters dont RTFM and if they did would probably still not realise that for SD DVD shooting interlaced is preferable.




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          I have not done conversions from 720P to DVD, but i have done 1920 50P to DVD. EDIUS did a reasonable job but I thought TMPEG did it better. That may be worth trying.
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