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Some changes to watch for in EDIUS 6

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  • BillShedoudy
    All sounds good, thanks for the update.
    Any chance soft border may be added to layouter in the future?
    I use that a LOT!!!

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  • Paranova Films

    good to know that, some of this tips were not full covered n the tutorial

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  • GrassValley_PS
    started a topic Some changes to watch for in EDIUS 6

    Some changes to watch for in EDIUS 6

    Presets ... As mentioned, you will not see hardware project presets that start with NX or SP. The presets are not tied to the hardware any more. You can build the preset as desired.

    Preview Software "error message" ... This pertains to the message you may get in the bottom right center of EDIUS when you start the project that says it is switching to Software only mode. All this means is that your hardware does not support the project preset and will be operating in OHCI.

    Track Selection ... Some functions require you to select the Track. Merely selecting the clip will not automatically select the track as it did in previous versions. This is to allow multiple track editing.

    Layouter ... New and improved. Basically all of the functions of 3DPIP except Light and Shadow and Soft Border.

    Track Matte ... You will have 3 stacked clips of video with the matte in the middle. The Track Matte will be placed on the upper video, not on the matte clip itself.

    I will add more as time permits.
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