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capturing widescreen adapter footage

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  • GrassValley_BH
    I highly recommend upgrading to EDIUS v4. Then you'd just change the aspect ratio of the clip in the Bin.

    Otherwise you'll have to find a way to re-flag the DV stream as widescreen, as the camera's flagging it as 4:3 because it doesn't know you're using an adapter.

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  • zorro147
    Guest started a topic capturing widescreen adapter footage

    capturing widescreen adapter footage

    I've recently used a century optics 16:9 wide screen adapter to film with a second camera. I've captured the footage in a project with Edius v2.0. As the project is set up for widescreen the footage appears played back with the black borders left and right. Does anyone now how to convert or capture this adapted footage into widescreen 16:9?

    Many Thanks