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I'm in trouble!!! Please help!

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  • I'm in trouble!!! Please help!

    One of my Panasonic mini DV tape is unplayeble after I finished recording on it Saturday. I pulled out from the camera (JVC HD110) and inserted a new tape, but right away I felt the top portion on the recorded tape is flimsy. Now, I can't even insert in to my JVC HD50 VTR or my camcorder. (I don't even try it, I don't want to make even bigger problem)
    Previously I fixed lots of VHS tapes for my costumers, but I never did any mini DV tape. So, I thought this will be my first....
    But, this Panasonic tape do not have any screws. My previous batch (I buy a hundreds) had a screws. These (big box is the same but the tape foil on the tape case is now different, also Panasonic do not stick label on the tape anymore)
    What can I do??? This is my important project, I can't loose it.
    Please somebody help!

    PS: I'm sorry if I don't use the right Forum, but now I'm in kine of panic and I know lot's of you visit this Forum

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    Sounds like your tape is stretched!

    There seem to be many places on the web willing to fix tapes. I'd imagine it will eather cost you time or money on this one! Everything will be okay.

    Go easy on yourself here...
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      Buy a Deck never use a cam to Capture


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        Originally posted by MasSaRi View Post
        Buy a Deck never use a cam to Capture
        Massari, one JVC BR50 is more than enough for me for capturing. I own one since last summer.
        But thanks.

        Thanks Rusty, I try to search for it. But the tape look fine, the top part of the case broke somehow. Thank God I was able to pull out from the camera.