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Creating DVD Chapter Points and Menu's

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  • Creating DVD Chapter Points and Menu's

    Hello All,

    I am still having a hard time deciding the best method to create DVDs that have chapter points and custom menu's. I was a die hard fan of DVD Workshop 1 and 2, but since building a new PC and being on Windows 7 I have no idea which route to go with and have the least learning curve. Can some of you share what you do and how you get them done?

    I would assume we all edit in Edius, but some of the questions I have are:

    1. Where do you create you chapter points?
    2. Where do you create your custom menu's?
    3. What program do you use to burn your DVDs?
    4. I used to use a web applet for determing the right bitrate to use for the burn. How do you get this done? Dance recitals tend to be on the long 2HR side so this was critical step for me...
    5. Do you export your timeline as an AVI into another program?

    As you can see I am a little lost so any help/guidance would greatly be appriciated.

    Have a wonderful weekend in advance!

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    Edius 6
    Windows 7 Ultimate

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    I export my projects to mpeg2 and make a Title Page of the first frame of the video. Then I open Ulead DVD Workshop. From a simple Title Page to a complex menu, is all possible. Individual chapter stops can be typed in and work well. More information available by email: [email protected].

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      You can create your chapter points on the timeline by hitting the letter "V" on the keyboard.....You choose your style of menus from the list, and to change the background, click on 'back in the edit section , and go to where you have your backgrounds located, and double click on the one you choose....You can change letter sizes, colour, and styles, and move around your icons and type to any part of the background,....just remember to select both chapter name and icon can rename the chapters as well....This is in EDIUS of course, and when you are finished, just click on burn...oh, just burn at the slowest speed....I find that some people still have old DVD players, and speeds above 8x give them problems.....Now, if you are using a program such as DVDLab, or Encore, you can export the chapter points , and import them into those programs....haven't done it in a while, so maybe Anton or such wizards will explain better, and burn you dvds with all the chapter points