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    when i capture with edius 6 from my comcorder let say 60 minutes tape,i never stope capturing until the tape is done,after finished capturing ,
    in my bin i get many clips instead one big clip,i don't know why this hapens.
    any help please
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    you can easily set up what you wish
    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

    EDIUS X WG with BM Mini Monitor 4k and BM Mini Recorder, Gigabyte X299 UD4 Pro, Intel Core i9 9960X 16 Core, 32 Threads @ 4.3Ghz, Corsair Water Cooling, Gigabyte RTX-2070 Super 3X 8GB Video Card, Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD for System, 8TB Samsung Raid0 SSD for Video, 2 Pioneer BDR-209 Blu-ray/DVD burners, Hotswap Bay for 3.5" Sata and 2.5" SSD, Phanteks Enthoo Pro XL Tower, Corsair 32GB DDR4 Ram, Win10 Pro


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      editing edius 6

      Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
      you can easily set up what you wish
      Thank you so much


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        problem during print to tape and rendering

        Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
        you can easily set up what you wish
        hi all
        I need help. I cannot export from the timeline to my tape. when clicked print to tape option, it showed " no VCR connected". while I can capture the videos with the same settings with the same DV iLink wire. I checked with my hardware setting/ OHCI output setting /selected output format as DV output.
        One more thing ,the same video can be "print to tape" from Premiere pro 1.5.
        I used to have output before. But , once I had to format my system and did install all again. Since then I am having this problem.Mine is Edius 4.02. I did try many times by unstalling the edius and installing again.But in vain.
        My other problem is "TV output and rendering" in edius 5 in another system.It has DV Storm XA Plus card. I have come to know that grassvalley doesnt provide TV out driver plug ins for Dv storm XA Plus. Is that true?If so, then what's use of upgrading newer version of EDIUS software.Are they going to do some good solutions for this kind of problem?
        And there's a rendering problem in my Edius 5. It shows some error code 0x870307d0 after few seconds( about 3 -5 seconds of rendering).
        Does anyone has the solution to my problems? Please ! help me.

        Pabitra Kasaa