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    i'm still using the dvrex, dvstorm and nx for my editing work as we have not venture into hd work. we are thinking of moving to doing hd and really cracking our head looking for the best solution of which we can afford. at the moment hdstorm plus, matrox mxo2 and blackmagic intensity have been shortlisted. moving to the latter two would mean learning premiere edit all over again.
    my question is, how long will grass valley support the hdstorm especially if and when windows come out with a new operating system?


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    No one can tell you that for sure. The GV track record has been very good on this. Storm 3G, HDSpark, and Storm 3G Elite are the newest cards. I would certainly look in that direction for max time support. HDStorm is right behind that group afa release time.
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      I have a HD storm the breakout is handy but but remember no deck control , recording over HDMI is possible but manually, to connect analogue you need a tbc so what else does it do you need In hindsight i think the Card which gives hdmi to monitor would have been enough-- jet lagged nt remember its name
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        HD Spark. Also to get deck control hook up a FireWire
        at the same time.
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