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Bizarre problem in edit

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  • Bizarre problem in edit

    I have a project edited. The material a concert, shot with three cameras and edited in Multicam mode. One camera was a Canon XH-A1, shooting onto HDV tape. The other two were cheaper Canon cameras, one AVCHD onto an SD card, the other onto internal memory. The show cut together just fine, but every single time I render it out, the XH-H1 footage jumps ahead!

    If I play the 3 camera edit directly, it plays fine.
    If I play the single video track that I compressed it to, it plays fine.

    Only when I render it out does the problem show up. It cuts from the scene I need, to a scene several minutes later!

    I've re-edited this, and the problem keeps showing up. I can't re-digitize the footage because I don't have it anymore. (As I said, it cut together just fine.)

    What is going on? Is there a tool to repair this Edius capture?

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    Chris, what's your computer setup? What version of Edius?
    Intel Quad Core Extreme 3GHz/12M, 4Gb RAM, 2Tb Hot-swap (ARAID), NVIDIA GeoForce 8800 GTS, Edius Broadcast 4.61 / Edius 5.5, Procoder 3, DVDit Pro HD, Sonicfire Pro 5, Mercalli, Vitascene, Adorage. TwinPact 100, Pegasus, TMPro. VirtualDub


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      Originally posted by VideoTrack View Post
      Chris, what's your computer setup? What version of Edius?
      Intel Q8300, 4 gigs of RAM, Edius 6.01.

      I've dug through it and have worked the problem out. What happened is the HD file and the Proxy file got out of sync. I generated a new Proxy and have finished the edit.