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Nanoflash Help required please..

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  • Nanoflash Help required please..

    Hi Guys,

    I have an opportunity to get a Nanoflash at a good price, however, I have been trying it and I cant seem to get the MXF files it produces into my PC in any sort of reasonable time. IE, 1 min footage taking 28 mins to ingest. Now, as I'm new to this type of device it is most likely I am doing something wrong, or have it set up wrong. I have tried to drag the MXF files onto my PC using a USB card reader as I cant see any other way of doing it. I film on Sony EX3 /1 cams 720/50p and have no issues with importing the files they produce using Sony Clip Browser and Sony SBAC-US10, however, the files dont show using the Nano.

    Does anyone have any idea where I may be going wrong, if poss in simple terms as I'm a tad thick in these matters !!



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    You could try asking for help here.

    This is an online discussion at DV Info Net -- The Digital Video Information Network.

    Dan Keaton of Convergent Design is very helpful.

    I have the NF but I am no expert, I can bring the MXF clips into the Edius bin without any problems.
    It takes something like 10mins to copy a 32GB card to the PC

    I Just copy the clips from the Compact Flash Card and paste them to a folder on the hard drive.

    I use this adapter.

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      Hello Stuart. I think you will need to post more information about your computer and software you are using. The Nanoflash files are meant to be taken from the CF card and just copied to your hard drive. You can even edit stright from the CF card if you want.

      So something is very wrong here, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.
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        Hi Guys

        and thanks for the advice. Bassman, see here for my PC spec, I'm still on Edius 5.51 and clip browser,

        As above Clip Browser doesnt see the files at all, and to drag and drop is very time consuming, it may be the card reader is slow as I've had it for years, but anyways I'm passing on this Nanoflash. TBH I was only tempted as the price was nice, but I doubt it'll help me in what I do mainly anyway, rather a luxury I dont need. Money would be better spent putting toward a lens for my EX3 me thinks.



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          o.k. Good glass is always the best choice!
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