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    Hi, have only just started using Edius DVX & Edius 4 (previously used Pinnacle card + Premier 6.5). When capturing footage from Sony with MiniDV, I don't seem to be able to capture clips at say 10minute lengths. It seems to download clips that start and finish as the camera was turned on and off when footage was recorded. This results in about 50 clips from a one hour tape. I expect this forum knows the answer to this, so would be gratefull for a quick lesson. Also, how to get a keyboard shortcut to bring up Effects Window, this seems the only shortcut missing. Regards

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    Under Application Settings you can change capture parameters under Deck Setting. I'll bet you have checked "When recorded time data changes". This is standard for most usage and gives you subclips (thumbnails) where camera stops and starts. I usually leave this checked and uncheck the others under "Divide Files". I check Skip Errors as well.

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      Jim, Spot on. I will try it later today. Many thanks