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    After reading all the rules and almost every forum I am hoping I'm not out of line here with his problem

    I have Edius Pro 3 and every time I open it the preview and source monitors are missing I can see the time line but above it I do not see monitors, does anyone know why?

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    you can fix that by restoring the default layout, from memory, this is in the view menu, however, this menu maybe on the missing monitor?

    maybe you changed desktop resolution and they are now outside the viewable area?
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      I will try that.


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        I have tried resolution and looked for hidden objects but short of reinstalling I don't see the monitors.


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          I answered my question, I played with the resolution several times and found the monitors outside the field, thank you to anyone looking at this, problem resolved.


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            I'm having the same issues. I am already at the highest resolution, so I can't go higher to find the missing monitor... My situation is that I was using a dual monitor setup until one went bad. I'm on a single monitor now. At the time, I had created a custom layout preset for the dual setup. It still must be looking at that.

            I tried Shift-Alt-L, and Ctl-Alt-L with no luck. Is there a custom pref file (the one I created) somewhere that I can delete to force a default?




            I just figured it out. I did the Ctl-Alt-Del routine to call up the Windows Task Manager. From there, I cliced on the Edius project icon (monitors) and selected "Windows", and "Maximize" from the menu. That instantly made the missing monitors show full screen at which point I could resize back down.


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              Interesting "back door" fix for something that happens regularly.
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                Though it doesn't work with EDIUS, in applications that follow Windows spec (ie, they have a standard title bar), Alt-Tab to get focus on the "out of view" application, Alt-Space to open the control box, then Move, use the cursor keys to move the window frame, then Enter to accept the new position.

                Every now and then something ends up off-screen for whatever reason, and that's what I do.