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Region filter movement limitation

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  • Region filter movement limitation

    At least in Edius 5.5, there appears to be a limitation to the positioning of the region filter so that it can't be moved even partially off-screen. For instance, trying to blur a face that comes and goes off screen and on again, while using an elliptical blur over face, gets problematic around the edges - I can't seem to move the blur bubble partially outside of the visible screen area, which leaves uncovered areas around the edges, since the bubble doesn't fit over the partially off-screen face anymore. Feathering the edges of the blur makes this even worse. Rectangular blur does fit against the screen edges tightly (when not feathered), but looks crude over a typically elliptical face.
    The only workaround I have is to lightly zoom into the image, so that the edges of the original image can be moved off-screen, and the bubble thus appears to be partially off-screen as well. But this only works after a Shift+Q mixdown into a new clip - otherwise just the original image is enlargened, but the region filter remains untouched, throwing your tracking off at every keyframe.

    Does anyone know a better method to do this? Has this been updated in version 6?
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    In EDIUS 6 this is easy.
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      Probably my favorite reason to upgrade to E6!
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        Yes even does things that u would formally need ae to do. Am loving that feature all the way.
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