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Edius 4.5 update problems with DVStorm

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  • Edius 4.5 update problems with DVStorm

    Hi all,
    I've just downloaded and installed the latest offering from GV.

    All seems dandy except that I have no video displaying on the desktop screen, in either the preview or recorder windows.
    I've looked in 'Hardware Settings' under the settings tab
    and under Video Overlay Settings, the Video Display Type box has 'DirectDraw Overlay' greyed out.
    Also in Xplode Edius Config, I have no options under the 3D render tab.

    All this was working before I upgraded.
    Have I missed something during install ?

    Thanks for any help

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    DVStorm only supports DirectDraw overlay.

    Try an OHCI project setting and see if you get video.


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      I have v4.51c with Storm and it is working as it should. I have the same setting as you greyed out and I noticed that when entering the hardware settings my external monitor loses its stability until I exit the settings. You could try just re-installing the DV Storm driver again from the 'Drivers' folder.
      Dual 3.06 Xeon, 2Gb memory, NX card, Edius 4.6, Procoder 2.


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        I have installed 4.51c with Storm and found no problem either.
        The installation was very simple with default settings.
        Known issue no preview from TM Pro


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          I have DV Storm with 4.51c. I have no problems except edius crashing once in a while when I set up a color balance or chrominance effect. I have no problems with Title motion. I have an external monitor hooked up to stormbay composite video output and the title preview shows up without any problems.


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            Thanks all for your comments.

            I still am having difficulty with it.

            DV Capture wasn't working at all, until I downloaded the latest version.
            It now captures, but again I have no video appearing in the screen.
            It must all be related.

            I have been advised to uninstall 4.5 and reload 4 and stick with it but I'd like to try and stick with 4.5 now I've gone so far, and from the comments so far, it should work.

            I'll keep on tweeking.


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              You may need to upgrade your graphics hardware driver.