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Titles non ssynchronised?

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  • Titles non ssynchronised?

    For the first time I used the title option of Edius for subtitles (Edius 6.0.2). I was very much surprised to see that the titles vwere not synchronised when I change the main track on the timeline, despite the fact that the insert option and synchronised options were selected. This makes the title option nearly unuseful!
    Did I miss something?

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    I am not too sure what you mean - do you mean you put a title on the timeline and if you insert a clip it does not move? Titles work just like video clips - they will move in insert mode if the SYNC LOCK is active for that track. If it is not active they will not move.
    The other time they will not move is if you insert a clip in the middle of the title - they will move if you trim or insert before the title but not in the middle of it.
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      It could be that "the get user in trouble" ripple mode is on.
      Most of us like it off.

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        I am like David in that I am not sure what you mean. If it is inserting it into the timeline, make sure "Insert between In and Out: is unchecked in the settings and it will insert to the track where the V block is and where the cursor postion is on that track.

        If the question was for maintaining sync when moving things on the timeline, as Steve & David suggested make sure Ripple Mode is off and that Sync is active for that track.