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  • Question regarding Quicktime

    I am running EDIUS 5.51 - and I noticed of late - Quicktime 7.6.9 (the one I have) is causing havoc to MOV files on my timeline. When I play ANY video files apart from MOV - the buffer is pretty full (50 - 70 out of 128). Video is Full HD (1920 x 1080 x 25 frames). When it gets to MOV, it drops to 3, sometimes 2 - 1 - and the playback shutters badly - even on my workstation.

    I suspect Quicktime incompatibility here ... can anybody recommend a version of Quicktime that works perfectly for him/her?

    (I have searched through the forum - but the search engine does not allow "AND" or "OR" keywords ....)
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    Hi Tingsern

    I am using Quicktime Pro 7.6.9 and all is OK here, although I did install the XDDecode and MXF Decode addons from callibrated software. I discovered the intermediate codec used by apple for example when the footage is ingested into FCP then used in Edius 6.02 was problematic. You could also check that your version of QT is not corrupted in some way, I had that issue as well

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