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Batch capture live SD SDI input

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  • Batch capture live SD SDI input


    we would like to batch capture live SD SDI input in a way, that the stream will be splitted according to the list of timecodes. (batch list)

    But because the stream is a live input from o tv show, there is no "Current Timecode" present while capturing and its not possible to enter any IN and OUT points.

    Is it possible to do something like that? The way we are doing this at a present time is that there is a person sitting by the computer a he/she is pressing the button.

    thanks in advance

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    Nobody knows, if thats possible?


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      Hi jan.

      Sorry, you can't do that. Edius needs to control transport over 9 pin or FW to do batch capture, just like any other NLE.

      As Andrew has suggested just do one long capture and split after. The split may be very quick if you capture timecode with the SDI signal, place in a timeline that matches the clip source timecode and then just use what was going to be your EDL batch list to mark up the timeline. you could even then do a batch export if you wanted.

      Hope this helps.