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Burn to Disc Chapters & Titles - Edius 6.02

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  • Burn to Disc Chapters & Titles - Edius 6.02


    Anyone have experience with the Edius/Burn to Disc utility? I really want to take advantage of this software but there is a few (3) things that I would need to address.

    If you have a complete or partial work around please post it.

    1) Every time I make a DVD the buttons have an ugly white box around them. I can not even read the text. I have selected underline option in hopes it would underline the button(s). That did not fix the problem.

    2) I would like to have chapters in the video BUT no chapter menu. A simple title menu and a play button would be prefect. The chapter markers would only be used when the user hit next/skip/forward once the video was playing.

    3) After burning a DVD.... I get about 1 in 3 that will autoplay... On the ones that don't, I can see the DVD files and I can manually open them. My concern is clients will think the DVD is bad if the DVD does not autoplay.

    My goal is to take full advantage of Edius with out having to convert my video/menus to a file for a DVD editor to use. With Direct to Disc it looks like it should be possible. FCP and Premiere are already setup to edit the video and open a dynamically linked timeline or virtual file in their DVD editors, no rendering. It seems to me Edius / Burn direct to disc is sooooo close.

    I realize the DVD/Blu-ray files are rendered but the point is to be able to go and make a re-edit and hit burn vs re-render entire video to file, import file into DVD editor, rebuild DVD/Blu-ray and finally burn.

    Anyhow please share some tips.

    Be blessed,

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    1 edit the button and look at effects Effects you can also change font and size
    2 If you dont have many chapters and just want individual chapters to play make every chapter a sequence then they will appear in main menu only
    3 Is it a disk problem there should be no reason for difference but having said that i produce one master and duplicate with duplicating tower
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