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  • Capturing to CanopusHQ

    Using a Canon XH A1, what are people's opinion regarding the setting to use when capturing HDV to CanopusHQ Codec? Do you use "Standard" or "Fine" settings? I'm fairly sure that "Fine" will increase storage quite a bit and am wondering if it's worth the extra space? My final output will be to SD DVD.

    Many thanks
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    "Fine" appears to make little difference to the file size and I just can't see the difference anyway - maybe for keying it helps - I always did "fine" but now standard is the order of the day - what does help is the editing experience with HQ, sooo much better than any mpeg file, especially with filters. I convert all my XDCAMHD files as they really slow things down.

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      "Fine" uses a higher bitrate than that of regular HDCAM, and also an improved Quantization factor - the tradeoff is in filesize.

      Realistically speaking, you would only use "Fine" for uncompressed sources. You don't get something for nothing, as the saying goes.