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external device issue

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  • external device issue

    i have spark checked as preview device under system settings but its showing no signal on external hd monitor.
    hdmi is set right on tv, everything playing fine on timeline/preview monitor, but nothing on hdtv.
    last night it was showing fine.

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    Check with the EDID monitor app if your selected project resolution is supported by your Panel.

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      ok, it was playing fine because i was on an hd project last night. the one today was a dv timeline. there has to be a way to see this/dont know anything about the edid monitor


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        If the panel does not support SD over HDMI you will not be able to see the SD signal.
        All this has been explained before searching would have brought you the answer.

        Look in the hardware driver folder under EDIUS for the EDID app run it to see what your panel supports over HDMI.
        It is mentioned in every Hardware install guide for our boards (supporting HDMI)
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        EDIUS support and Downloads


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          Steve has given you some good info. Without a doubt, your monitor does not support dv over HDMI.


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            figured it out.checked the edid. i can see dv timelines as long as theyre 16x9.
            amazing how bad standard def looks on an hd monitor.only a few left i have to finish. finally selling off all my dvcam gear tomorrow and buying either the ex1r or the ex3.


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              SD looks fine on HD TV if you let the DVD player do the upscaling

              or if you have NX or SP card, it will look superb when connected via component out

              HDMI is very limited and designed for HD mainly
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                I have Edius 6 which was able to support an external monitor with a resolution of 1080 using the Storm PCIE html output. I recently installed the storm bay, and I am now unable to view the video on an external monitor. Instead of the HGXe-1, I now have an EDID monitor which does not show any supported resolutions in the monitor. I am using.

                Without the Storm Bay, the Vizio TV/Monitor was able to support the video. Why the change.