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    Originally posted by RandyD View Post
    I really wished they would either say Imaginate is still alive(and update it) or legacy since the way I work it is just fine with me to render the project.
    We've tried, but apparently it's not registering: Imaginate 2.0 is still being manufactured and sold. It is simply not being developed any further as a product or product line. This means that the current version is the final version.

    How this impacts the EDIUS plug-in, I'm not sure on. The current EDIUS v4.51c issue has been reported, but a fix is not necessarily guaranteed if it requires engineering from the Imaginate end of things.


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      As shown by the number of replies to this thread, high res still movement is very important to video editing.

      I just don't understand the lack of this type of functionality in Edius or the release of an upgrade that removes the only method to obtain this functionality.

      We have lived (still living) with not using the Audio sliders since 4.24, now we are expected to go without Imaginate.

      If Imaginate does not work out, could we have a fix for the audio sliders only?
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        What's wrong with the audio sliders?
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          Imaginate is VERY important in my work. It is used in almost every project and there is just no alternative in speed, quality and ease of use in other software out there. It is absolutely brilliant.

          I don't really understand why Canopus/GV are dropping good apps like Xplode Pro, Imaginate, etc, without at least incorporating them into Edius.
          Its rather like taking out functionality from Edius instead of adding to it.
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            I still keep 4.24 on my $ maker.Puter
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              ALL (ALL ALL ALL!!!) editing softwares can work with hi-res pictures.... Edius no!
              Ok, Canopus made this so people MUST buy imaginate (and wasn't so good to work with 2 softwares only to move some stupid pictures.... but ok, we love edius and we can do it, but...).
              Now Imaginate doesn't work (ok, must insert an audio track in imaginate and all is "near" to be ok).
              None can say us if edius will work correctly with hires pictures with next patch???????
              What we can do??????????
              Use other editing software to move and zoom pictures???
              This isn't a so big and new feature request. A lot of little, stupid and tedius other editing software have this function from years and years, more than 10!!!

              Sorry for my stupid english, I write as (or like?) I can.


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                It really surprises me that GV are looking flaky over Imaginate, there is obviously a high level of interest in this product from users, and to say that it is unknown if Imaginate will appear in some form or not in Edius 5 is pretty shocking. Whilst software such as Digirostrum produce far higher quality rendered work, nothing integrates so well as Imaginate. After Effects blows everything away, but it costs a fortune, and as we all know, doesn't sit easily with Edius and has a steep learning curve and still needs to be rendered out.

                I'm still suffering from the idea that the people who drive Edius's development and testing, have little or no connection with the real world of editing and production.

                GV have a pedigree to be sure, but always as an engineering based company. Grass Valley vision mixers were all the rage in the 1980's, but I never heard that Grass Valley made any films, documentaries or promo clips, let alone a Wedding Video!

                Get a grip guys, and stay connected with whats happening, we're not all cranky mad professors in dark rooms fiddling with soldering irons - and what we need are empowering pieces of software that work well, integrate and make production exciting and fun.

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                  Originally posted by GrassValley_KH View Post
                  We've tried, but apparently it's not registering: Imaginate 2.0 is still being manufactured and sold. It is simply not being developed any further as a product or product line. This means that the current version is the final version.
                  Tell them I will buy it from them but they have to find Eddie and make him a part of the deal:-) I hope this thread gets the attention it deserves because working with stills in video is a must. I can not think of any mature editing app that makes you go outside to get the basic zooms and pans done in full res. Imaginate was a piece of cake and did far more than other tools so I can understand that for it to continue it has to pay for itself and make profit. Failing having an app like Imaginate I would think building a tool(or tweaking 3dpip) should be a high priority....I have to go now and work on 600 stills(taken in Africa) in Imaginate while I still can.


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                    I think this thread has run its course.