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  • mouse issue

    using a wireless mouse and theres a delay when i use it if i clik on timeline to move cursor down it, or clik on an effect , anything, i have to do it a coupe of times for it to happen. any idea why?

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    Don't know if this will help but I uninstalled my Mouse software and just use the generic Windows driver and seems to work far better

    Regards Barry
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      i dont have mouse software on this new computer.


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        may not be the mouse

        Is the mouse working fine in other programs ? I have the exact same thing. So does everyone else I know who has installed Edius 6 or 6.2 Same thing with the keyboard too. My mouse works perfectly in Edius 5. Sure hope they fix vers 6 VERY soon. Customers are jumping ship around here. Some have gone back to vers 5.5


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          I use a wireless mouse just fine no problems.

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            Keyboard and wireless mouse work fine here on all systems. Logitech and Microsoft. Try different drivers


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              I have just replaced two mice (mouses- meeses?). Unbeknown to me at the time was that these have a battery saving function where , if the mouse is not clicked for a period ( seems variable) they go bye-byes(irritating) and need one click to wake them up. Is this a possibility Jim?
              Rod Pike

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                yes, happens here as well

                at first I thought the PC froze because mouse pointer no longer moved

                then when clicking, it wakes up

                there are other downsides to wireless mice such as being heavy because of batteries
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                  get the latest logitech ones - batteries last years and no need to wake them up


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                    Originally posted by mattie View Post
                    get the latest logitech ones - batteries last years and no need to wake them up
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