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Timeline Progress During Rendering

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  • Timeline Progress During Rendering

    I don't know if this has been asked/answered before. If so, my apologies for asking again.

    Anyhow, when rendering out before v4.5 the counter (current) would go up as the render made its way through through the timeline.

    Since going to v4.5 this appears to not be the case anymore. Is there some trick to make it do it again? I'm not using v4.51 (just did the full install of v4.5 and while testing had to jump into a project and complete ASAP.....performance has been a little sluggish compared to pre v4.5 in the timeline hitches more, but just might need to do some optimization stuff with my system) just yet, maybe that puts it back in?

    I just liked seeing exactly where in the timeline the render is at and not relying on the render progress bar.


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    Hi Dave, yeah, I think this feature was taken away from us ever since version 4.03 and onwards (I think it was 4.03, not sure)...I hope it comes back soon because it's really helpful and the estimate is not 100% accurate.