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  • New Edius 6 Tutorial

    Just started out on my journey with DVCs Edius 6 tutorial.I think there is nearly 14 hours worth of info on 3 Flash or ordinary DVDs.I'm sure I wil pick up some good Edius 6 tips from David.
    He's been building bespoke PC systems for many years here in the U.K.
    I tend to watch the tutorial and check off all the advise which is given and say to myself yes I knew that and yes I know that and then all of a sudden something pops up and I realise to myself ..well I never knew that which makes the purchase price all the more worth while.
    I'm sure i could learn more from some of you full time editors but if you are like me and have to go out and film with 2 or 3 cameras then ingest and edit and then deliver a final dressed dvd or blueray or upload to the net then you need all the help you can get.
    The link and prices can be found at the following link
    Edius Version 7.4.Win 7 pro
    -Dual Xeon i7 2.66 Ghz x 5550quadcore NehalemHyper/Threading.SupermicroX8DAI motherboard. 1xwestern dig 32mb cache drive.2x 1tb samsung 32mb cache sata drives. 6x 2GB DDR3 ECC RAM.nVidia-gtx 760 card.Procoder3,Prodad,New Blue,Blufftitler After Effects,cinemasuite etc.