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    Hello there,

    Im giving my first steps on edius 6 and i find something really anoying that i cant figure out to solve this.

    When copy past a clip on my timeline, (in last version of edius), i simply choose wich videotrack i want it with one clik.

    Now on edius 6, i have to go to my left of the timeline and choose only there wich videotrack or audio track that i want to work with, this is not pratical! lol

    Someone can help me, so i can change this is my 'options' ?

    Many thanx

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    This is the way Edius 6 works now. The change was made because this version added multitrack capabilities. It has been discussed in depth here.
    However, when I copy something and right click on a track and paste it works for whatever track I clicked on. If you are using Ctrl V to paste it will paste to whatever track has the little v video block.
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      Ok, I don´t like it! lol
      Many thanx!


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        Many of us may not like it that way but I always tell people it's a matter of relearning a function. After a few times of doing it in succession it becomes second nature. There's a reason it was changed and the new functionality that caused the change will eventually show a benefit when you learn all the new functions as well. I have used the multitrack select a number of times and it has been quite handy.
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          Multi-track editing has it's virtues and drawbacks at present.
          Yes, E6 requires way more mouse clicks.
          Yes, Multi-track editing is good when it does as expected.
          But, when you highlight multiple tracks (expecting multiple tasks, like Ctrl+P or Alt+1) you get no response. Pick a single track and shortcuts work. My point is Multi-track editing really only works with select functions and remembering which work and which don't is not helpful.

          I have a feeling this may get ironed out over time.
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