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  • Confusing Clips

    I am using the P2 Select Tool to import a clip. In the Select folder I see a clip named....0001ug. When I highite to add to Bin the clip name changes to 0059mt. What is up with that. It is a Sequence clip. But how can it change names?

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    Hmm...that sounds quite weird...i cant really understand whats happening here, maybe you can add some pics?

    Only thing i could immagine would be a spanned clip, but what i saw from the 4.51c update, GV has improved a lot here specially with spanned clips(waveform preview works now, if you have spanned clips, it will show up as ONE clip now, not split and doubled like in older version...thats at least what i saw the quick way..!

    Please explain more in detail, with pictures maybe!
    Edius 6.52
    Windows 7-64bit
    8GB RAM
    Intel Core I5, [email protected],40GHz