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Commercial Editing with Edius 6

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  • Commercial Editing with Edius 6

    Our television station is looking at using Edius for editing our locally created television commercials. We have a P2 camera that would be used for ingesting. We currently use Edius 5.5 for our newsroom workflow with minimal issues. In our Creative department we are currently using Avid Express 4.6 for our production workflow. We would like to start doing HD commercials and there is conflicting information about keying, titling and other things that can be done easily in Avid that isn't possible in Edius. Can anyone give suggestions so I can pass them on to help us with making a decision for the transition to Edius or staying with Avid and upgrading.
    EDIUS 5.5 NX PCI-Express SD Dell T7500 Xeon E5504 2GB RAM NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 Windows XP Pro

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    Check your PM


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      In EDIUS 6 there are things added which will be of benefit to the creative department.
      Things as Mask and Track Matte.

      I think if possible maybe they can try the demo look at the new features and see if they would fit their workflow .

      We can always clarify stuff as needed.

      For titling the thirdparty Vistitle is a really powerful program with very good quality.

      Via the included Ae bridge you can use Genarts Saphire for some extra punch. :)
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