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    Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
    There was a short time before that where the demo did not include P2/XDCAM support, but the current demo since the v4.1 release of EDIUS should support P2 and XDCAM.
    Sorry, got my wires crossed there.

    The v4.1 demo release did not have P2/XDCAM. However, the current v4.5 demo release does... along with the new stuff.


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      We have had a great run with the P2 system and Edius. People using certain other Mac based programs always complain about compatability, but I've always shrugged. "Why don't you just get Edius system for your next suite?"

      The only prob we have had is with hired cameras which don't always have updated firmware for the 16GB cards. It pays to make sure you have an SD card with the updated firmware to update any borrowed cameras if you plan to use higher capacity P2 cards.

      Regarding the Firestore: we had a client who had copied everything off a Firestore without doing a "Sort P2" operation - hence not having the proper P2 directory structure. We won't mention which Mac based software they were using, but they had basically put a paper bag over their head and were waiting for the world to end. All they had were a bunch of randomly named MXF files. But guess what? Edius imported these MXF without a glitch by simply drop-and-dragging them from file explorer onto the timeline. Of course, there was no attached meta data and we had to line up the audio files but we were able to export back to P2 from Edius - and our fellow Mac friends were able to see the light once again. That's just one reason I love Edius :-]

      Regarding metadata, I wish that there was a field for noting the Shutter and FStop settings. That would be incredibly useful information to have on file.

      Be sure to check out:

      This explains how you can customise your file names on a P2 camera.
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        There is also an article in the articles section on that site that shows you how to fix it when someone forgets to do the organize p2 step with the firestore... You should check it out cybertrix.

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          Test the 500 as much as you can - some have reported that it can be a bit noisy (subjective term) in certain scenarios. I've noticed that with the 200 as well in lower light.

          I have the 200, the SPX800 (SD), an HPM100, (2) HPX2000's, and (3) FS100's - they're great, and the relationship with Edius has been very good (on laptops and a main station).

          If you have the money, the 2000 gives beautiful images. Looking forward to the Intra codec option soon as well.

          The 500 will be a well used camera - I just didn't like all the pixel shifting for the price. Wish they'd put all the under/overcranking in the 2000 - Panny sucks like that sometimes - protecting the Varicam in my opinion... Should be a P2 varicam soon enough - would expect that to be a revolutionary native 1920 rig.


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            Quoate:::::: "Wish they'd put all the under/overcranking in the 2000" -

            Yes. I would love this. But untill they do I'll still use my old HVX200
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