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Still having slow response to switch apps.

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  • Still having slow response to switch apps.

    Update: I found the bottleneck slowdown. I have virus checker software running on the laptop. I am using a free app call Avast and once it is disabled while editing everything is snappy and good. I can live with that.

    I have updated to 4.51c. Before the "c" release came out I was having trouble switching between Edius and other apps. If I have another application open at the same time as Edius and switch from the other app to Edius it can take over 1 minute and more to get control of Edius back on my laptop. It works great on my desktop with mulitiple apps.

    My laptop is a Dell Core2Duo with 2gb RAM and a 5400RPM drive. It has the ATI Mobility 1400 grapics card in it as well.

    Canopus support told me to wait till the "C" version came out and see if it was any better. It isn't and maybe is worse. My project has some TMPro titles in it....could these be the bottleneck even if they aren't being displayed in the monitor windows.

    Also I am working with a HD project and HQ files. I am using a SD Project setting and will switch back before finalizing.

    Any ideas how to make it respond quicker.

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    Main System. MSI G33m Motherboard, Intel Q6600 CPU, 2GB Ram, GeForce 9500GT, 7200rpm System drive. WinXP. Lots of external eSATA drives.

    Laptop. Sony Vaio. CPU- i7-Gen 3, 8gb RAM, 1tbb 5400rpm hard drive, AMD GPU

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    same problem, i need 30 seconds to switching