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AVID and HQX codec?

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  • AVID and HQX codec?

    If you have Avid MC and Edius on the same machine, should avid be able to read the HQX codec?

    I can't ever seem to get avid to read any Edius codecs. I get audio but just white for video.

    Currently I am printing to HQX then transcoding to DNxHD. Would be great if avid would just read the HQX encoded files.

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    Edius can export to avid codecs of needed.

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      Originally posted by andrew_hd View Post
      AVID is not Edius or Vegas or Premiere- it only likes QT files and even not all of them :)

      Don't use Edius QT exporter to DNxHD- your colors will be messed up. Importing is fine now as long as file was exported as 709 (not RGB) from AVID.
      Use MXF AVC-I or if needed for quality QT Component (uncompressed).

      How do I export AVC-I mxf from edius? The Edius AVC-I exporter seems to have options I am not familiar with.


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        Originally posted by andrew_hd View Post
        It's MXF exporter and than you choose AVC-I as codec.

        I know. What confuses me are some of the AVC-I settings at the bottom of the mxf avc-i exporter menu.


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          Originally posted by andrew_hd View Post
          Set channels and quantization as desired.
          Change AES to BWF- more likely to work.
          Rest can stay at default.

          Thank you!


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            OK, AVC-I MXF worked for import into avid. When I go to exprrt back to Edius, I don't see a AVC-I option (strange) but I do see an HQX avi option (strange again since avid won't play them).

            I tried the HQX avi option but the black levels looked cranked up, as if setup was added.

            I exported as a 709 HQX avi.


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              Yeah, I had to export as RGB to get it to import right.

              Can't find Avid's MXF export option. Bit rusty with AVID, been a few years since I used MC regularly. I'll be using it mostly for CC work.

              I do find it odd that it will export HQX but will not read HQX properly (shows white screen on imported video).

              So for anyone else, unless there are other options I can not find:

              You can export MXF AVC-I from Edius, into Avid and export HQX back to Edius. (Probably an MXF AVC-I export option in Avid some where but I can't find it.) Beware the 609/7-9 export option. Export as RGB if importing to Edius.
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                Originally posted by andrew_hd View Post
                How fast is export to HQX? Is it 100% accurate in terms of color/gamma, etc?

                About as fast as an HQX export from Edius. This was a 30 second commercial timeline, so I wasn't paying to much attention to speed. Also Avid had to render the CC fx.

                Color/gamma looks all right. I am going to take a closer look but I think it's OK. I exported HQX superfine.


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                  I will try to remember to do that when I have some time.