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  • xdcam import

    I used the new interface for xdselect for the first time over the w/e, I don't know if I checked or missed an option but the disc structure imported went crazy. Up until now if you chose the clips to import from the disc a folder with a unique reference name was created, with all the clips inside, this time each clip was within another folder with another inside, so a navigation nightmare!

    Any thoughts ?

    I will have to go back to a simple drag and drop to a specific folder at this rate


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    XDCAM EX import

    I have also just tried to import XDCAM EX clips for the first time. Have upgraded to Edius Broadcast 4.6. Using new EX-1 camera, have copied clips from SxS card to local folder on PC using Sony's clip browser software and the Sony USB SxS card reader.

    When I use XDCAM SELECT I follow the dialogues as per the Edius Broadcast user guide but when slecting the folder(s) where the clips are stored the 'OK' button remains greyed out. I can't at the moment find a way to reference my clips in Edius.

    This is just a test job, but I am shooting a real project tomorrow so any assistance greatly ap[preciated!



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      OK, think I might have sorted it now...

      Once I'd copied the SxS card clips to a local folder I simply went through the old method of importing clips to the bin, not using XDCAM SELECT at all - and it all worked fine.

      Then on other threads I realised that the Sony clip browser software is also on the 'Edius' menu so next time I'll try that route.

      Hope this helps other EX beginners!


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        Yep - XDCAM Select is only for the Professional Disc systems. The SxS method is actually simpler - you just drag and drop from the Clip Browser software into the EDIUS Bin!

        I cannot plug my own writing enough: