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Edius 4.5c crashes right after startup (everytime!)

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  • Edius 4.5c crashes right after startup (everytime!)


    I have never had any trouble with Edius NX and Edius Pro 4.24. I have a SuperMicro PDSGE MoBo (approved by Canopus), 2 MB DDR533 Ram, PentiumD 3.2 GHz, Radeon X850 XT and a RocketRaid 1820 RAID controller.
    I have upgrade to Edius 4.5c: the upgrade itself went flawlessly.
    Now, Edius crashed everytime right after the screen where you can change the profile, start a new project or open an existing one. Windows alsways reports that "Edius.exe has a problem and has to close, etc...." In detail, the cvezshal.dll module is reported to be the culprit (always).
    I have changed my graphics card to GeForce 8800GT to no avail.
    I tried do uninstall Edius and I started from scratch. Again, faultless setup, but it still crashes at the same point. I never get to see the full Edius desktop and I can't do anything, save reverting to 4.24.
    All help is more than welcome!


    Glen E.J Forton, video enthousiast.

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    Me too

    Me too I have the same problem, only I haven't the time to read what is the error because the window close very fast. I can't open no one project, can't open new, can't change the profile because after some seconds with the first window opened (where need to choise the profile or project to load) edius.exe crash.
    Always with the last versions all was good. Now can do nothing.

    Please... help!

    DvStorm2 on athlon 2400+.



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      All u can do is install Edius 4.5 and dont install the update
      i know the 4.5 give me the shakes like the timecode it shake by it self but for testing i tried it and it work fine title motion pro worked fine with me on 4.5 not 4.51c
      and many VST worked out with me u just need to give it time so they Can fix it
      thank u all

      2.4 core 2 duo . Mth: 975 xbx2 - 4G ddr2 667 Gforce 7300 GT - Dvstorme2


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        Both of you have a DVStorm??

        If yes, please read this thread.


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          No, I don't: I have the NX version (PCI-X slot) + expansion board. Used to work fine with Edius 4.24 (sigh).

          Glen E.J. Forton


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            Try to do what I've posted, might help.


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              its not about Dvstormer its not about Rendering its about the update and thats all we all have the Same Crash we all have the Same problem im gonna Wait and see what will goes on


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                Ok, I found this!

                The problem is in the first pannel (where need to choise the project).

                Always I had this problem, but one time, before edius had error, I clicked on new project and edius begin to do something with hard disk, and after of course crashed.

                Next time I tried to opened edius, before give me the pannel with choised for profile or project, it asked me if I want to load the last project crashed..... So.... maybe he saved something last time??? mystery, but I answered yes.... and edius opened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if can skip the first pannel edius works!
                I was super happy, and to try I closed edius and again tried to open... and of course now it showed me the first pannel and crashed!

                How can skip the first pannel?


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                  Originally posted by MasSaRi View Post
                  its not about Dvstormer its not about Rendering its about the update and thats all we all have the Same Crash we all have the Same problem im gonna Wait and see what will goes on
                  Well I had a similar crash on my Edius system everytime I started it, and following the MS Checkup Remover advice, it fixed my issue.


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                    what happens if you double click the project file with windows explorer? does Edius open?

                    something is strange with your PC, is your PC on the suitable list?
                    Anton Strauss
                    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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                      Maybe a solution?

                      I kill myself! why not thinked before????

                      People, try to do this: don't open edius with his icon, but double click on an existing project icon.... and it will open that project without ask for profile and so on.... It will works!