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    First, appologis for cross posting ... i had originally responded to a v4.5. thred in th edesktop/professional forum, but feel my post might be better suited here.

    Whilst I appreciate that Edius 5 will finally allow editing in place on the K2, I am getting some conflicting info regarding edit in place functionality via VMF Import with the upcoming Edius 4.5 release.

    Could you clarify how this feature has been implemented, and how it will integrate into Aurora Edit / K2 installations.

    Many Thanks

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    At this time we only know, that 4.5 will able to read and write vmf files.
    At NAB 2007 we had access via Ethernet to the shared storage of K2 and it worked.


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      Thanks for the quick reply.

      Would it be possible to pass my info request up the line? Any reply via this thread, or by email if you prefer, would be most welcome.

      Thanks and Regards


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        Just as a general note to everyone:

        There has been no official statements of "EDIUS 5" or any proposed features. When we say "we hope to in the next version," it means exactly that (ie. it's not officially guaranteed)

        Don't want to have anyone get upset that something was promised and not delievered.

        With that said, feel free to post a Feature Request!


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          Appologies Keneally

          I think we are at crossed purposes here. My comment regarding any v5.0 feature was probably better not posted. I 'd be happy should you prefer to edit out any reference to v5.0 in this thread.

          My post here is specifically to garner further details with respect to a particular fetaure of the already officially announced feature set of Edius 4.5. I appreciate of course that you are not likely to have access to a full blown GVG newsroom setup to test on ... but what I'm hoping is that you are able to find out the info from someone who does have access to that kind of setup.

          If you can also pass on any technial details of the K2 Connect module that allows me to browse the K2 for GXF Import/Export that would also we very helpful.

          Best Regards


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            Hi Andy,

            It's ok to speculate about a product like "v5," just so long as everyone knows that it's not set-in-stone fact.

            As for K2 info, let me try and dig up some information. I'm not the K2/Aurora/NewsEdit expert...but there are certain GV folks on this forum lurking that know a bit more.. *pokes them*


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              Version 4.5 here and going great guns ... but still missing in action at this point is the VMF Import function? anybody know where the heck that is s'posed to be? I assumed it was missing (along with the K2 Connect function) because I didn't have my dongles updated... but no, my dongles are now all updated, present and correct, yet I 'm still not seeing it.

              I've asked here, there and everywhere ... seems like nobody inside or out of Thompson/GVG or Canopus have any idea how to configure and implement this feature. I've poked about but so far I've found no explicit mention of it anywhere within the interface ... can't find an option to import a VMF file, or configure such a feature in any way ...i'm guessing I'm looking in th e wrong place or looking for the wrong thing altogether, so if ANYBODY knows how this works please let me know!

              Could it be that you need to set the K2 Connect to access the Aurora directory as opposed to the Content folder and access it from there? and if so, how does one go about configuring multiple K2 locations that are switchable, rather than having to reconfigure each time?

              thanks in advance


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                Andy I think you are on a bit of a pioneer trail. Not many have yet tried to use that combination. I remember playing with it a bit at NAB, but I am afraid that I do not remember enough to help. Also I am guessing that people here in the US Edius side of GV do not have that combination set up where they can readily answer your questions. It may take slower than usual response time, but I am sure Brandon or Kenneally will take care of you.


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                  My understanding, or at least, rummaging around has shown that the only VMF importation existing in 4.5 is within the Bin window. Which is a little strange. (ie. you choose to open a file, and browse to a VMF file)

                  In addition, you need a VMF importer license on your dongle.

                  Given your other post in the Broadcast forum, it really does sound like you need a dongle (or more) swapped over. Perhaps PM me with your results of running the EDIUSLM.EXE app. I can tell you what you're missing.


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                    Thanks Keneally, I'll get back to you


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                      And in order to have the VMF license and K2 Support (K2 Connect) license, you need to have a GV EDIUS turnkey system.
                      It's not available for standalone software.


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                        ah haaa!

                        thanks Brandon.

                        yes we have two of the fully configured all bells and whistles GV EDIUS turnkey systems in our broadcast center, at least two more in each of the other broadcast centers.

                        had a chance to investigate some more this weekend ... and sho 'nuff the VMF (.hdr) import function is present and correct, allowing instant access to the remote file ... I was trying too hard (Doh!), expecting some convoulted obstacle course / special interface, when actually its as easy as choosing Add File and navigating to it. obviously it only works if such a file is accesible to the Edius PC

                        as to the k2 connect function, as noted in my K2 thread, it too works exactly as advertised (but for the time being is too slow for real world use eg a 2 minute clip takes about 15 minutes to import, ouch!)

                        Last edited by Andy; 10-02-2007, 01:33 PM.


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                          It's funny how smart people sometimes over-think things, eh?

                          We definitely are heading toward more K2 integration in the future. These are just the "foundation" steps toward that.

                          Sounds like you're moving forward quite nicely!