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    Any ideas what would cause HDSpark HDMI audio to start to stutter after a few seconds of play? The project H/W buffers setting does not appear to have any significant effect on this. Video plays fine. Happens with both HDV and HD HQ fine footage (have not tried other)

    i7 950
    The old RAPTEST says drive read speed is over 100MB/S.

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    Can you try hooking up your analog output from the HDSpark... is that also stuttering?
    If not then try moving the HDMI cable to another input on your monitoring device... or replacing the HDMI cable.


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      The stutter is on the analog output too.


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        so what buffer reading do you get whilst playing back?

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          Plays OK until the buffer count reaches about 123 over 125, then it starts to stutter. Rendering status line is blue, so it should play OK. Does play OK on screen when not using the HDSpark.


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            Do you have another card slot into which you can move your HDSpark? If so, please try moving it. Several of us have experienced extremely long power up situations caused by having the Spark in unfriendly slots. Perhaps this sensitivity to slot selection could have other deleterious effects, such as you are experiencing.
            Fred D
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              Will try it when I have a chance. Had to put it in a 16-bit slot to have it recognized period.


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                Now it is working. I removed the card, plugged it in another slot, Win 7 reinstalled the drivers. Started Edius, set the project to used the HDSpark.

                At first it did not work, but after a couple minutes it started to work. Go figure.


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                  And now it is not. Comes and goes. At all times the image is OK, just the audio is an issue.


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                    Is your system overclocked?

                    Also, check your BIOS for a Spread Spectrum setting - try toggling it.

                    HDMI audio is very picky about clocks. The video seems OK, but the audio either cuts out or turns into high-pitched clicky garbage.


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                      System is not overclocked, is an ASRock x58 Extreme6 MB with 12 GB ram.
                      Spread spectrum is OFF.
                      MB audio is off
                      System does have a M-Audio Delta 66 sound card installed. Video is ATI HD4670.

                      The playback audio is OK while the BUFFER is counting up. When it reaches the max count and then drops back by one or two counts and the stuttering starts.

                      E.g., BUFFER: reads 60/62 or 61/62.


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                        Uninstalled the HDSpark driver and EDIUS, then did a full reinstall of Edius 5.51 starting with the 5.1 disk. Now all appears to be happy.

                        Apparently just adding the HDSPark and its driver (as D/L from the Eduis suppot page) to a previous install of Eduis was the issue (at least on my Win 7, 64-bit, box).