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Dimentia! Help on HDV!

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  • AJL14
    Kevin - thanks a bunch for all the info. Will store that away for future use.

    And yes, Gordon, using the MPEG TS Writer. I couldn't get it to work, because I had ProCoded to 1920x1080, instead of 1440x1080, and it wouldn't transfer back to HDV. All these little items wander to the deep throws of the brain if you don't do it all the time. Just a little frustration and craziness. But with everyone's help, we'll still get there. Thanks much.

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  • Gordon B
    Alan, I assume that when you say you use Mpeg to get it back onto tape, you do mean Mpeg TS Writer?

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  • kwshaw1
    Alan: there shoulud be defaults for encoding back to HDV (M2T) in Procoder Express, but you have to navigate the right path of available options to find them. Look for "HDV1" and "HDV2" under MPEG2 output.

    As far as encoding for HD-DVD and Blu-ray is concerned, that may be a little trickier. Apparently the available authoring software can be quite particular about how HD files are encoded: there's a discussion about this on the Roxio Blu-ray user forums. Try using these settings if you can find this level of control in your version of Procoder Express:

    MPEG 2 HD 1920x1080i

    Generic ISO MPEG stream
    MPEG-2 Elementary Stream
    Width 1920
    Height 1080
    29.975 Frame Rate NTSC
    Upper/Top Field First
    High Quality Encoding
    Use Closed GOP (checked)
    1 pass
    18300 bitrate (you can play around with this)
    Prolile/Level [email protected]
    Intra DC Precision 9
    Use Strict GOP bitrate control (checked)
    Use Audio if Exist
    Audio Stream Type PCM/WAV
    Sample rate 48.0
    Channels 2 ch
    Bits/Sample 16

    For more info see this link:

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  • AJL14
    started a topic Dimentia! Help on HDV!

    Dimentia! Help on HDV!

    Happy Sunday all.

    I think Dimentia has set in! Have been editing an HD project for so long, I can't remember how to complete it! Still have EDIUS 3.6. Still super. Captured .m2t footage from HDV with HDCapture program, converted with Procoder to Canopus HQ (.avi), put onto HD timeline, changed editing to Canopus 16x9. Edited perfect. Changed setting back to HD1080, completed titles, effects, etc. All well and good.

    Then rendered the timeline. Now I'm stuck. In order to transfer the edit back to HDV, I have to get it back to .m2t file, then use the MPEG to record back onto HDV tape.

    Dum-dum here, can't remember the final steps I've taken before (thought I wrote it down).

    1. How do I get timeline back to .m2t?
    2. What format do I save the final HD version in, in order to have it ready to transfer to HD-DVD (or Blu-Ray), once I upgrade and purchase the HD recorder? Remember, I haven't upgraded to EDIUS 4 yet. My present computer won't handle it. Have to upgrade the motherboard, etc. Major!

    Many thanks, everyone.
    Have a great week.