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video fuzzy on movements

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  • video fuzzy on movements

    hi.i had a footage that i captured with adobe premiere pro 2 and i edited the video in edius 4.24 then i exported to mpg2 with procoder express.when i saw the footage on dvd the video was fuzzy when there were movements.i did the same project in adobe premiere then i exported with procoder 2 the video was good.the project in edius was sd 4-3 50i .can anyone help.i never had this problem with edius 3.6

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    Try to specify "fuzzy"!

    I guess this could be a problem of wrong fields(interlacing..), so check if there is a difference of upper and lower field in the different programmes..this will most likely be the reason behind your problem...thats what i hope at least..!
    Edius 6.52
    Windows 7-64bit
    8GB RAM
    Intel Core I5, M450@2,40GHz


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      well the video looks like there is motion blur premiere the field is lower and in edius the project is with lower field but procoder express exports with upper field only.there is no other choice


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        i had the same problem ! Capture the Video by using the OHCI Input Capture and then export it to m2p the Resule are more then Gr8 i made it on DVD and then the resolution was Gr8 on plazma tv 50 inch high definition