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  • improved image perfomance

    Well I am on a roll with speeding things up

    I just uninstalled quick time completely and started edius.

    As expected it would not let me import any JPEGs or Photoshop PSD files because the DLL's from QT were missing... but

    it did allow me to import BMP and TARGA TGA files and wow! it crunched through playing them back with full buffers (3000x4000 pixel images) zooming in and out - GPU transitions - with JPG's I would be down to a 1 in the buffer but with these i had full buffers all the way

    So - it looks like edius handles these two image formats internally like video and thus processes them really fast

    so the moral is - convert all images to TGA or BMP!! i know i will from now on

    (I am gonna resinstall QT for comepletness)

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    Originally posted by andrew_hd
    Edius 6?
    Sounds good- does it mean I can play BMP full HD image sequence in RT?
    Can you try DPX, please.
    Again- can we abandon QT :)

    yea 6.02 - and only those 2 file formats for images were allowed.

    it only showed the allowed formats in the file list of the open dialogue box which was the help that got me exploring :)


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      DPX is very hard on the system. Don't expect any miracles there.


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        Originally posted by andrew_hd
        Not that much harder than BMP.
        It's more like GV is not interested to make it working faster. It's nto that big deal, but should change in the future.

        As long as image & image seuqence import depends on QT GV can't improve that, just developing a new importer module will do the trick!
        I really would like to see an importer module without dependency from QT = Apple!
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