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Replace Parts | Filters on multiple video blocks?

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  • Replace Parts | Filters on multiple video blocks?

    Hello all!

    Is there a way to past video filters with settings (such as Sharpness, White Balance correction... and so on) copied from one block, onto several selected blocks on a track?

    Once configured block is copied (CTRL+C), there is no problem to past filter settings only with Replace Parts | Filter (ALT+R) when one block only is selected. But as soon as 2 or more blocks are selected, this option is grayed out in Edit menu... :-(

    I have a 3 hours editing job, result of a multi Cam editing (3 camera shooting), and would like to apply White Balance and Sharpness on one of the 3 tracks. I can't imagine I have to do it block by block...

    Thanks for any tip you can provide.

    Edius Pro 4.61

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    Hi again,

    As a matter of fact, I have just found a way to achieve what I am looking for:
    - Select the block with the video filter fully configured
    - From the Information tab, drag the filter and drop it into the Effect tab => That defines a Filter preset.
    - Select several blocks on the timeline.
    - Drag and drop the filter preset onto selected blocks => The same preset is applied to all blocks simultaneously.

    The only thing is that I don't understand why using Replace parts | Filter of the edit menu doesn't do the same...

    Edius Pro 4.61