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wow - super fast start up for 6.02 now

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    I upgraded from v5.51 to 6.01 and then 6.02. Both 6 versions are definitely noticably slower than v5.51. In all cases my Kaspersky anti virus was on as my PC is multi-purpose and need internet connection.
    i7 3930K, Win 10 pro 64 Bit.
    RAM 32 GB.
    ASUS P9X79-Deluxe.
    PS Thermaltake 1kW.
    Graphics Gigabyte GTX1660 OC.
    OS:Intel 535 SSD 480 GB, Data: two 2TB WD Cavier Black, RAID 0.
    Cameras: Sony EX1, AX100, x1000v, A7R4, DJI Mavic 2 Pro
    SW: Edius v8.53 WG & 9.52 WG, Vegas 17 Pro, CS6, Resolve Studio 16, Hitfilm 2017, Sound Forge 13, SpectraLayers Pro v6.0, Neat Video v5, Vistitle 2.8.5 TMPEnc VMWorks 7, Auth. Works 6, MochaPro v4.1, Robuskey, DVD Architect 7, 3D LUT Creator.


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      The only assured way to really, i mean REALLY improve Edius loading times (and everything else) is to run it from hi-performance ssds in RAID0 with a decent/good raid controller (at least ICH9R). You’ll be surprised how fast it loads on a 6x INTEL SSD X25-E 64GB RAID0 setup controlled by ICH10R (or you could get away with 6x INTEL SSD X25-M 160GB they are cheaper almost as fast but will wear out MUCH sooner). It will be lightning fast if Edius and all the needed media are on the Raid. It’s also a good idea to disable the swap file if you have enough RAM to do that (6-8GB).
      Best regards,
      António Barquinha