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mutlicam 4.51c question

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  • mutlicam 4.51c question

    I work with Edius 4.24 for about six months now, and i edit in multicam in triple or double the speed by holding ctrl button and pressing the 1 and 2 buttons to change cameras.

    In 4.51c, i can no longer do this for some reason.

    I can only edit in realtime speed, which makes my work alot slower.

    Can you please notify me if there's a new button instead of ctrl? or did you just canceled this option altogether?

    I really need an answer quick.



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    Use the L button to go to 2x and so on?


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      Yep. But i can't edit(cut points to swith cameras). I used to hold ctrl and press 1 and 2 to swtch cameras in x2 and x3, now i can't. ctrl does nothing.


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        Why are you using control, though? I use the numpad to do the cutting. 1 - 8.


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          In x2(doublespeed) and above, you had to hold ctrl to map with 1 or 2(1-8 for that matter) in former versions. Now i can't map cameras in doublespeed at all. only in realtime.


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            Ok I will give these a try when I get to my edit stations. I have never done cuts on faster speeds than 1x (Realtime) playback, because it'd be kinda impossible for me to switch cameras that quickly without messing up.

            Maybe it got "broke" in 4.51


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              Thanks. In the meantime, can anyone else help me?
              Anyone who works with doublespeed?


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                תנסה להתקשר למאיר


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                  Did you solve this?

                  I have the same problem... did you solve this yet? (Did you call Meir?)
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