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upgrade ot wait?

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  • upgrade ot wait?

    whats the verdict whats good whats bad...
    love to here your thoughts don't want to waste my time if its still a work in progress

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    I'm curious also. 4.13 is running pretty smoothly on my system now and I'm afraid to rock the boat. Anxious to hear some comments by others who have upgraded.


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      Besides the TMPRO/QuickTitler not having preview (No biggie for me, but a biggie for some others) 4.51c is a really good release.

      Like others have mentioned, if you are doing a project right now, it's advisable to finish it up, deliver the project, then install 4.51c.

      Other than that, I've reopened old projects and have worked on them with zero problems whatsoever...


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        Loaded 4.51 from 4.24 no problems so far all old projects open and run perfectly.
        Only use IEEE no PC cards, gave them away a long time ago, too platform dependent, does make it difficult having real time play from the timeline to a TV but I prefer that to heaps of lockups and PC freezing. Love the new interface.
        Had to reset some buttons on Timeline, Player and Record windows other than that great
        Regards Barry
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          I am VERY impressed with this 4.51. I love the new interface, but most of all, I'm discovering small things which have been fixed or tweaked. There isn't anything "huge" that I can mention which is good, but things like being able to adjust transition lengths by dragging (both sides), multi-cam working better when you insert manual cuts, faster save times, etc. are all little treasures to me.

          I've come across no real problems. I am really delighted with this release and think GV have done a great job here.

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