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  • About AAF export

    It's really nice working with v4.51 , good job GV.
    I only have a problem with the import off AAF in after effects 6.5 ,
    when trying to import a project from edius as AAf , the AE always message
    AEGP plugin AAF : Error during parsing
    Have anyone test the AAF export with other version AE ? or any ideas.
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    Import works in 7

    Btw what is your audio export format out of EDIUS. It should be Aiff for ae compatibility.
    It is very important if you use a NX or Sp to edit.
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      My output audio format is aiff and i use NX.
      I have tested export my timeline from edius in AAF and no import to AE,
      i don't know if AE 6.5 has the ability to import AAF.... i shoud try AE 7.
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