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Soundsoap in 4.5c

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  • Soundsoap in 4.5c

    Hello Guys
    Sound soap does not work in 4.5 on my sys. It worked fine in 4.0. Is there a known issue with this in the 4.5c ?
    All I did was upgrade to 4.5

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    Is it not showing up at all? If that's the case, you might need to rerun the installer - your registration details should still be in the system so you won't have to reactivate it.


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      When I installed the initial V4.51 release (not V4.51c), I wound up having to re-register my SoundSoap V2.1.1 -- a dialog popped up when Edius loaded.

      I have no idea what triggered that, and it took me a day to dig up the serial number. BIAS changed the activation scheme and serial number format between the version that shipped with Edius V4.0 and now, so the serial number from the Edius box doesn't work.


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        I just installed Sound Soap from the Bonus CD from my original 4.0x discs. Have 4.51c installed. I regisered online got my activation code. The serial number wouldn't work at first, but it went through with the authorization code after about the 3rd time. Seems to work fine within EDIUS...

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          I looked up my old e-mail from ages ago and entered in the data and all was good. (this was for v4.00)

          Might do some more research next week..


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            You can't register the current version of SoundSoap (V2.1.1) using the key from Edius V4.0, the format isn't the same as it used to be.

            If you go to the BIAS website and try to download the latest version there, you must first enter the serial number from Edius V4.0 and issue yourself a new serial number, and then use that to register. I did that months ago, and that's the serial number I couldn't find when I was prompted for it after installing Edius V4.51.

            I did eventually find the e-mail and get everything working. The SoundSoap plugin does show up in the VST section for me.


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              ok well idk if this is exactly what you're talking about.
              but i figured i'd reply instead of starting another thread

              i have a dell - windows xp
              and i recently bought pinnacle studio 11 ultimate which includes soundsoap
              but it is not working- the soundsoap that is. i mean i installed the second cd, put in the activation stuff, everything i'm pretty sure - but nothing even comes up - no way for me to access it - nothing at all...

              any advice???


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                I know nothing at all about Pinnacle and how you use SoundSoap from within it, or what version they are shipping. SoundSoap V2.1.1 is still the latest, and if you download the update for that, you'll get the standalone version of SoundSoap as well, which may not have been included with Pinnacle Studio.

                If you have any questions or problems with Pinnacle Studio, you'll have to take that up with them or a forum more appropriate than this one.


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                  ok thanks - i wasn't sure if it was a soundsoap related question or pinnacle.
                  is the download free or how much is it?


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                    The update is free.


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                      I think Canopus should design a RT noise reduction filter of their own.


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                        I have upgraded my NX Desktop to 4.52 and Sound Soap works for me.
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