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    When I consolidate project, the files change their names, but in timeline stayed original name. I moved directories to backup and tried to use restore clip (direct file). It wasn't possible to find which one is the right. Is any way? Or do I set E6 to consolidate project with original clip names?


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    In my eyes, behind some hours with try and error , on the "new consolidate (mal)function" in Edius_6 :
    • he is simple broken
    • he is simple unusable

    sadly, I call UK-Support, and if I undestood the friedly men correct:
    this is not a "bug" ... this related to:
    The trim function of Condolidate in Edius_6 is actually the same as a partial transfer function
    and this is it per new "design" von Edius_6
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    [the AMD 1950X 16cores / 32 threads = go return because of massive problems, Not only I had these problems]


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      Thanks for answer, unfortunately I'm not much cleverer from answer of support, Does it mean thay will repare or change it?