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P2 Import problems

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  • P2 Import problems

    Can someone please tell us the quickest way to get P2 material straight into Edius?
    We have copied all the cards(5) onto a portable Drive(USB) but when we use OPEN FOLDER TO bring in the footage- the computer almost stops !

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    Try copying the files to your video drive inside the PC.

    Some USB drives are far to slow for HD video even if they are plugged into a USB 2 socket.


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      I could understand if it was HD footage- but this is using DVCpro50- however, I'll try copying to the local drive- worth a try :)


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        If you have problems getting DVCPro50 into your PC via USB external drive, it tells me either your USB external drive or your USB Hub is not working properly. Do you have any USB 1.1 devices connected at the same time? Some cheap USB 2 Hubs have only one transmitter - so, if you connect ONE USB 1.1 device into it, all your devices will go at USB 1 speed.
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          We ran some tests with different drives, and it seems to work fine on the local internal sata drive. I think you're right with the usb ports !