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Beta Testers?

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  • Beta Testers?

    Seems even the 4.51c is buggy! Who in the world has been beta testing this release? Hobbyist? You should give the testing to guys who do this for living, daily. It would not take us 1 day to find most of these bugs. What is the expected fix time for TM "no preview" and random crashes? Sorry to be dumping on you guys, but this is time wasting!

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    The Beta testing ended with the 4.51 release. They are all professionals and do this for a living.

    May I suggest not insulting others on the forums?



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      The software has been put through the wringers by TWO beta tester teams. The realtime preview for titling applications was functional right up to the 11th hour.

      Unfortunately, a nasty Titling related issue crept into the build released earlier this week (4.51). A fix was issued immediately to stop the "quit-to-desktop" symptom - the tradeoff for the quick fix was that for the moment at least, the realtime preview feature is disabled. You can still see titles fine once you close out of the titling application.

      We realise that this is an inconvenience. We are aware of the issue, and the frustration. All we ask is for some patience.

      If you are still unhappy with your FREE upgrade to v4.5, by all means roll back to a previous build and enjoy life. But please, do not bash the beta testers.