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No 720p via HD-SDI Settings Showing Up in Edius 4.51 Demo

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  • No 720p via HD-SDI Settings Showing Up in Edius 4.51 Demo

    Hey all,

    First time posting in awhile. Since the old board. :)

    Anyhow, FINALLY 720p is officially supported (only took 2 1/2 years for Canopus to keep it's promise since we purchased our Edius HD system), and while I wait for the retail disc to arrive in the mail (since me getting v4.5 is a special situation since it has 720p support...again, FINALLY) I eagerly downloed the 4.51 demo....

    But, I cannot find any options for 720p over HD-SDI. Not even if it's just a pure 960x720 DVCPro HD over HD-SDI setting. Nothing, nada, zilch. No 720p options anywhere.

    And yes, I have my HDBX1000 Multi-I/O hooked up and using the latest firmware from the support section. All I see everywhere are 1080i settings (including DVCPro HD @ 1080i).

    So again, where the heck is the 720p over HD-SDI setting!?!?!? This $45,000 system (including RAID --- think that was the price, it was 2 1/2 years ago so I could be wrong) has collected so much dust and caused so much grief on me needing to use it for 720p projects (note to all, we do HD projects for both Broadcast and Online....and if it's online only, try to keep it 720p as much as possible for clarity purposes) and it not being able to do it proper.

    Maybe if we can get this going and working well, I can re-convince usto go back to buying Edius HD systems in the future instead of a competitor's HD system (which I can't stand since it's horribly unstable, has mega memory issues, has constant hardware failures, and can't interpolate different resolutions very well,...I could keep going on... but it can at least do 720p and has always been able to). We only have one Edius HD system in fact (and like 8 or 9 of the competitors now) and when anyone uses the Edius system...they don't like going back to the other one. If Edius had 720p from the get-go (or when I was told it was expected, believe the first date given was mid-2005), I am sure all of our systems would be Edius HD! Oh well. It just completely bums me out because Edius is easily my favorite editing solution.
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    Dave - you will probably need to apply a firmware update to the MIP, since it's a major new feature for the unit to handle.

    The demo does not include MIP firmware or drivers, so you'll need to either download the 4.51c update or contact the tech team in San Jose for an upgrade disc.


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      So I am guessing the RX-E1 v4.02 driver in the support section is not the latest version?

      Maybe canopus should update that? Hehe. heh.

      I am still waiting to receive the full install disc from your tech/sales peeps (again, special circumstances) which I was hoping to have by now. Hopefully today. Heck, it could be here but the mailroom just isn't reading my big ole sign on my office door to leave any packages on my chair since I'm working in another area right now. Imagine I need that before I can do the full 4.51c upgrade?

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        The 4.51c update package includes all the drivers and firmware tools for RX-E1/HDBX1000. Technically it's supposed to flash your HDBX1000 during the software upgrade process, but you can also do it ahead of time just by browsing to the appropriate subfolder.

        In fact, I'd almost recommend that for safety's sake.

        (and yes, I'll update the driver downloads when I get some time)